Who am I ?

My name is Yann Droniou (alias Yanonix), 25 years old. I'm currently finishing my studies in computer science (embedded system field) at UTC.

How it began ?

Self-taught person, I have learnt most of my knowledge with personal projects even before my studies in computer science. In my opinion it's the best way to learn, try and try again. In 2003 (I was 12 years old), I started writing my firt scripts. 2 years after, I decided to do a project alone, without knowledge or for very few, it was War-Evolution, a web broswers game. It was writing with PHP and MySQL. It was a huge challenge at that time, design a game from nothing is not easy. Of course the first version wasn't clean, but it worked. Versions after versions (7 in total), I developted a new one from scratch and my code was better and more reliable. This project bring me all the knowledge of PHP and MySQL. I closed the project in 2012 because the game market of this kind of website was dying, and I would like to have other projects.



Since my first experience, I'm enjoy trying new technologies like HTML5, CSS3, WebSocket, API, ... -
I need to have a new challenge, a new technology for each new project.

Embedded System

During my studies at IUT of Belfort-Montbéliard, in 2011, I have started to design a quadcopter (drone) from scratch. I came back the evening with nothing to do. I knew nothing how a drone works, but I was puzzled while watching videos on it. I was looking forums, blogs and other communataury web site for information how to create one. I bought electronic cards (sensors and Arduino cards) and I started to design with it. I wanted to know how it works deeply. The simplest way is to reprogram the main card. A program was already done, so I worked on it to learn, and recreate with it my functions in my program with some modifications. When I saw that I could really complete my project, I bought the other parts, like motors, propelles and designed the structure. After that, I was in a cycle of development : Try, Crash, Analyse, Develop, Try, Crash, ... Of course I had huge difficulty on some aspects, but I managed to exceed them. At the end, it flies.

This only after this project and the weather station that I understand that we could link a system with evrything, and moreover easily. Nowdays I fly my drone with a USB joystick link on an Arduino card. If I want, I can do the same with my smartphone and use the inertial measurement unit, or why not a Kinect. Possibility is limitless !


FabLab UTC

With UTC, I have joined the FabLab UTC club. It gives material and human ressources to students, teachers, researcher, companies. There are a 3D printer, laser cutting machine, numerical milling machine, and usual equipment. We offer also help in mecanical, electronic and programmation science. I give my help in a project of designing another drone.

My reflections about technology

In our society, if a part of a system is an open source, there always will be people which create new functionalities. Companies must have to know that. If they give the communauty the possibility to hack or add something in their product, it will be popular and usefull. It's cheaper for companies (not need more time for developing new ideas) and better for consumers. Unfortunately companies need to believe in it, and give up controlling everything.

In a futur, in an urgency moment, it will be interesting to shunt or desactivate some security when life is in danger. In other words, having the possibility to modify the program easily to do unattended stuff. Why? Because I believe that hacking can you make a survivor someday. There will be some situation that maybe a system couldn't respond, but it's be vital for you to work.

KISS, Keep It Super-Simple. Why bring with you the artillery for designing a program? Spend less time? More cleaner? I don't believe in it. A framework is by definition huge and heavy. You need to aprehend it, or create a new functionnality on it so.. you lose time. In term of perfomance, it's the worst. Sometimes, having a simple code is better, and not using a super function that redirect in other pretreatement functions. In term of reliable, and security, it's the same, except for some functionalities already developed that you have to use it if you have to keep reliability, and certifications.

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