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Strategy game designed with PHP/MySQL


My first personal project !

Since 2005 (I was 14 years old), I started designing a game in web browsers with PHP language and MySQL. It's thanks to this project that I have experienced the univers of website.
At that time, I played a similar game. I would like cheat on it, but I coudln't. That's why I developed my own game, to be the king. But finally, when you make a game, you haven't time to play it.
W2024, War age, War Evolution (War Evo), War Evolution Islands were the different names and versions of the game.

Design Method

When the development of a version was cleared, I restarted a new one from the beggining. I had changed the internal architecture many times. It was my first programmation. Versions after versions, my code was better and cleaner. I have started using OOP. Nowdays, I can think without OPP design for this huge project.


I write this article in the past because since 2012, I stoped it, unrealised on his last version. There were trouble between players, at the end it's really boring. Currently, web game as a website is dying, the new market is Facebook games and games on smartphones. With this project I have learnt so many stuff in PHP / MySQL that nowdays I'm a little bored with it. I need new technical challenge, new technology to play with it. This project can't bring me that now.

Few statistics

  • The project was alive during 7 years.
  • We had a record between 2008 and 2009 of 300 players a day.
  • The average spending time was 54 minutes for each players.


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