OurMashup (OrMp) is a web application permitting to create and listen videos/musics playlists on different platforms (like Youtube and SoundCloud).
The idea is to simplify the music listenning during a party. A guest can easily add a track in the playlist without changing tab or interupting the current music, even if it's on Youtube or SoundCloud platform. Everybody can discover musics from others without trouble. Each playlist is saved on the local computer and on the server with a number. Keeping this number during the party, and use it the next day for recovering all the music played. Good if you have fell in love with an unknown track.



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This application is developed in CoffeeScript with Backbone and jQuery. LocalStorage and IndexedBD of HTML5 are used for the local storage as a cache.
The API Server is in PHP / MySQL, currently, maybe it will change. The server doesn't make any request to the others API, all are executed from the client.

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